May 2022 : 25th edition of 4L TROPHY

Their names are both Grégoire, they are both 22 years old and both students at a top engineering school. They founded “La Gregalade” one year ago, to help the people from deprived areas. 

For their first action, they have decided to devote part of their holidays to transport food and school supplies to underprivileged children in Morocco. 

In May 2022, they will take part in European's biggest solidarity event, the 4L Trophy, which, since it was founded 25 years ago, has helped more than 240,000 children by distributing 10 tons of food each year, i.e. a little over 20,000 meals. 

the ACCR, has decided to sponsor this race and we will follow closely this crew, from their departure in the south of France to their arrival in a village in southern Morocco .